Classic Gins

  • Gordons

Gordon’s Gin is one of the top selling gins in the world and its bottles display the royal coat of arms by appointment of Her Majesty the Queen. £4.25

  • Tanqueray

Very subtle yet fresh aromas of grapefruit on the nose which leads to a great blend of juniper, vanilla and lime on the palate. £4.45

  • Hendricks

What makes Hendrick’s Gin different is its prominent use of rose petals and cucumber. £5.95

  • Mermaid

Isle of Wight’s first distillery and their first gin. Mermaid Gin is clean, refreshing and smooth, with impressive depth of flavour. £6.95

Flavoured Gins (£5.45 each)

  • Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger
  • Gordons Peach
  • Whitley Neill Raspberry
  • Tanqueray Seville Orange
  • Whitley Neill Watermelon and Kiwi
  • Gordons Pink
  • Bloom Vanilla and Passionfruit

(All gins prices include 25ml being served with Light Fevertree Tonic)

Cocktails (£7.95 each)

  • Margarita

Tejanos’ favourite, the true taste of Mexico. Served short over cubed ice.
Tequila Resposado, Triple Sec, Lime.

  • Daiquiri

The original Caribbean Tiki drink. Served short over cubed ice.
Choose from Original or Strawberry
White Rum, Lime, Sugar.

  • Mojito

Muddled in the classic way with fresh lime and mint. Served long over crushed ice. Choose from Original or Strawberry.
White Rum, Lime, Mint, Sugar.

  • Mexicana Sling

A take on the classic Singapore sling, Mexican style, served long. Pink Gin Triple Sec, Strawberry and Lemon

  • Berry Bramble

A delicate blend of gin, lemon and crème de mûre. Served short over crushed ice.Gin, Crème de mûre (Black-berry Liqueur), Lemon, Sugar.